What we do at Boss Girl

Boss Girl, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based out of Atlanta, GA.  Here is "where we turn a girl into a boss" by connecting with successful professionals to coach our girls to become competitive in the business space, build confidence, and develop their social engagement skills.  We coach and empower girls age 10 - 18, travel all around the world, and give back to other young girls.  


Each year, our girls travel in and out of the United States to experience how business is done and a difference in cultures.  We have partnered with People to People Student Ambassador Program which was established in 1956 to facilitate our domestic and international trips.  During the year, we expand our friendships by interacting with other young girls across the globe.

Upcoming Travel:

New York City:  July 2021 (Exact dates TBD)

Paris, France:  July 2022 (Exact dates TBD)



At Boss Girl, we get to learn from some powerful professionals who coach us to success.  Our mentors come from various industries including media, corporate, professional services, and beauty just to name a few.  They share insights that is not traditionally taught in schools. 


At Boss Girl, we also learn how to speak in public with confidence, the meaning of personal branding and image, leadership, and self-awareness.  We work in group settings where we challenge each other and learn together as well as ask specific questions that cater to our personal interests.


We may be young girls but we are boss girls and as we become stronger, more knowledgeable in our skills, and confident, we are empowered to teach other girls what it means to be a boss girl.  As young leaders, we create new leaders.  

All Hands In


Nothing is greater than giving back and at Boss Girl, we are proud to give back and advocate for young girls who may not be afforded the same opportunities.  Each year, we provide our go-give girls a full makeover, host a formal dinner, and give each girl a care package so that their Cinderella evening becomes memorable.   

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