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Boss Girl Inc. is Where we "turn a Girl into a Boss" and we do that with the support of the community, professionals, and businesses.  You can impact the empowerment of a girl simply by volunteering your time, your company's time, AND THROUGH DONATIONS.  


Our girls learn the challenges of success, how to be bold, audacious, and essentially how to win from successful professionals.  We work with leaders all over the world and in most industries including media, finance, medical, and technology just to name a few.  Our mentors teach, empower, and influence leadership into our girls so that they can become the next generation of bosses.

Mentors can mentor in group sessions during our live or virtual workshop events.  Our girls will have the opportunity to ask mentors specific questions and receive profound coaching. 



Host a tour of your company to allow our girls to see in-person business operations and staff interaction.  This experience offer our girls the opportunity to witness live business engagement, see the hierarchy of staff management, learn the inside of business.

To be a Boss, there need to be an understanding of the ins and outs of an industry and this will allow an introduction to that learning curve.


80% of your financial support is used to:

  • Support our upcoming annual charitable giving projects.  

  • Sponsor a girl to see beyond her community by traveling to our upcoming excursion.

  • Sponsor a less fortunate girl's membership. (Based on household income)

We understand that it takes a team to raise a distinguished young lady.  Boss Girl is all about creating leaders out of our girls and provide them with critical tools and exposure that grants that an advantage for success.

A Boss Girl membership includes:

  • Opportunity to be coached and mentored by successful leaders through our live workshops

  • Ability to power up and engage with other boss girls globally

  • Ability to assist in our go-give charitable events

  • Access to our travel abroad program

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