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Meet the Founder: 

Hi, my name is Xara D. Kemp and I am the Founder of Boss Girl Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to "Turn a Girl into a BOSS."  This organization is about supporting young girls like myself to dream BIGGER.

Today, there are over 600 billionaires in the United States. 13% of them are women and only two of them are black women: Oprah Winfrey and now Rihanna (congratulations Rihanna).  This is why Boss Girl Inc. is important.  Our goal is to reach as many young girls to become powerful women that will shift the face of our wealthiest leaders.  


Our mentors are power-professionals who teach us confidence, leadership, the elements of financial literacy, and how to become influential globally.


Tour our site to learn more about our programs and events and how you too can become a Boss Girl.


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