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"An Unfiltered Safe Space"


PURPOSE: A free speech platform where high school girls share their truths, perspectives, and support with others without ostracism or judgment.

AUDIENCE: High school students (male and female). Occasionally, invited guests will include professionals, influencers, and civic leaders. when possible to share their experiences too many of the underlining topics.


TOPICS: Sex, drugs, violence, mental health issues, school pressures, bullying, image, and other critical topics relevant to teens.


OPPORTUNITIES: This podcast would be primarily produced, filmed, edited, directed, and marketed by teens mentored and guided by professionals. This gives teens an opportunity to improve a skill and hopefully leads to scholarships, school credit, or greater professional responsibilities.


AIRING: The show would air once a week on the Boss Girl YouTube channel.


PROGRAM NEEDS: Hosts, content writers, directors, producers, videographers/photographers, editors, promoters

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