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Government by Girls (GbyG)

Social justice: the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities

GbyG is a civic program that educates girls on the importance and role of our government and prepares them for moral and political leadership.


Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by, work or volunteer for, and connect with political and judicial leaders of the community. They will learn firsthand the processes that adopt laws and rules into government and the abilities and rights of this country's citizens.

Participating Schools

Each school participating in the program will host an annual student government body by grade. Students will learn the following:

Running an effective campaign

Public speaking on and off stage

Business administration (includes brand management, financial literacy, marketing, and business development.

Social justice awareness and raising civic concerns

Social media literacy (includes responding to social media pressures, violence, and cyberbullying)

The GbyG program is actively served in Middle and High Schools in the Metro Atlanta, GA region as an after-school program.  Dates and time of the program are arranged by each school's administration.

To introduce the program to your school, send us an email by clicking  in the "Bring GbyG To Your School" link.

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