What we do at Boss Girl

Boss Girl, Inc. hosts monthly virtual and in-person workshops that are facilitated by successful professionals who volunteer their time to mentor and coach our girls to become skilled leaders, game changers, and inspiration to other young girls.   We serve all girls in grades 6th - 12th across the United States.


Financial Literacy

  • Investing Basics including how to read financial information and charts

  • Money Management

  • The Utility of Leverage

  • How the Government Tax

Our girls learn early the power of credit, leverage, and how to accumulate wealth.

Our girls learn the hard truths of success.  As a female, you have to work harder than the average male every time just to be taken seriously.

  • Learn to Lead

  • Brand & Image Awareness

  • Build a Competitive Advantage

  • Skills vs Resources 

Professional Development

  • The Power of Endurance

  • Healthy Eating 

  • Physical Fitness

  • Meditation

Health & Wellness

Our girls learn that success comes from within and to be on purpose takes confidence in understanding their purpose.

  • International college tours 

  • Business site visits hosted by business owners, professionals, and executives. 

  • International peer relationship building

  • International culture and language development

Global Travel

Our girls learn to "not stop when they get tired, to stop when they are done".  - Unknown

  • Confidence Building

  • Self-Actualization

  • Balance Under Pressure

  • Etiquette

  • Culture Differences

Whole-Life Development

Our girls learn what the barriers to entry for global businesses look and feel like.


Boss Girl, Inc. has four main features:  Learn, Teach, Travel, & Give.


We learn from successful mentors and coaches who teach us the hard truths of success and wealth generation.


We teach other young girls what we have learned about leadership and being a Boss Girl.


We travel the world to develop international relationships and global experiences.


We give to young girls less fortunate than ourselves.

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