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#LIT Leadership in Training

Workshops that empower girls to be skilled leaders who use their voice to create economic and social change...  



A media outlet to discuss the challenges of young girls.

Girls will learn how to:

  • write, produce, edit, and promote media content​

  • question and answer with confidence

  • manage social media

We learn how to embrace the challenges and hard truths of teen girls

We learn the power of credit, business management, and wealth.

  • Communication, Confidence, and Negotiation skill building

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Leverage and Credit Education

  • Skills vs Resources

  • Short & Long-Term Investing 

  • Taxation & Government

Business & Financial Development

  • The Power of a Single Vote

  • The Role of Government

  • Speaking with Definition

  • Understand public power


Government by Girls

We learn how to identify and respond to social media opportunities, and threats.

  • International college tours 

  • Global peer relationships

  • Explore international businesses 

  • Global culture differentiation

  • Visit governing bodies globally

Global Travel

We learn to not stop when we get tired, to stop when we are done. 

Our girls learn the power of a single vote and a single voice

  • Social Media Branding

  • Fight cyber-bullying and cyber-violence

  • Social media pressures

  • Communicating/Responding on Social Media

  • Bystander Awareness

Social Media Literacy & Terrorism

We learn what the barriers to entry for globalization look and feel like.

  • The Power of Endurance

  • Healthy Eating 

  • Physical Fitness

  • Meditation

Health & Wellness

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