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#LIT (Leaders In Training)



Personal & Development Program:
Girl-Swag with Chloe Taylor Brown

Chloe Taylor Brown is the founder of Girl-Swag, a transformational training concept filled with strategies that can help to:

  • Uncover your authentic self and gain CONFIDENCE.

  • Transform your thoughts, dreams, and goals into reality by coaching how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  • Make better decisions, improve communication skills, and use resources EFFECTIVELY.

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Financial & Economic Literacy:

The Essence of Economics and Business with Stan Kemp

Stan Kemp is not only the Executive Director of Boss Girl, but she is also a Business Strategist. For over 25 years, Stan has transformed distressed or stagnate businesses into stable and growing businesses, is an author of two financial literacy books, and has spoken around the country on financial and economic topics. This workshop series will cover:


  • Introduction to Economics and Finance

  • Money Management

  • Financial Responsibility 


Health & Wellness:

Coach Carter Fitness: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Fitness Training

Coach Carter's mission is to bring the very best out of people no matter their circumstance, spiritually, mentally, and physically.  He defines success through evaluating, designing, and implementing individual programs that exceed the individual's expectation.

  • Mindset enrichment

  • Building mental and physical endurance

  • Healthy eating  

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By Mail

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Symrna, GA 30080


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